was formed in 2007 on the Greek island of Amorgos . The name HOHLAX refers to the beach HOHLAKAS,

where the members of the group have spent many summers together. This beach, which is definitely off the beaten track,

provided much inspiration and gives the group members of HOHLAX a unique energy and force, which,

together with their dedication to the music tradition of Greece, makes for a unique and moving musical experience.

HOHLAX has played in almost all of the music venues on AMORGOS, and has also enjoyed numerous performances

throughout Athens and Cyprus. The trio has embarked twice on tours to California, their first during the summer of 2009,

and their second in September of 2012. This winter they enjoyed performances with Mariw, the famous Rembetissa,

in Larissa and Volo consecutively. This past June, they went into the studio to record their third CD.

They are currently looking forward to their third tour this September. They will be bringing with them three recordings;

their first CD, entitled "Sacramento kai Lodi", their second CD, " To Glyko Fili",

and their latest which is entitled, "Apo Kseno Topo, Greek Dance Rhythms".


Jaime Smith: Violin    Orestis Koletsos: Bouzouki - Vocals    Apostolis Kounis: Guitar- Oud - Vocals


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