ORESTIS KOLETSOS was born in Paris and grew up in Athens. He studied music from his early childhood and started playing the bouzouki at the age of 15. Orestis was a student of the late Yiannis Palaiologou, one of the most important bouzouki players in the Greek recording industry and performance venues and also the nephew of Markos Vamvakaris (founder of the genre "Rembetika"). Orestis also has a degree in Biology from the University of Athens. For the past 17 years, Orestis has been performing in concerts and playing in various music venues and nightclubs. He has performed concerts for important composers such as Nikos Mamagakis and Ilias Andriopoulos which have been aired on television and radio programs. Orestis has collaborated in venues and on television with singers Mario, the "Rembetissa", Martha Frintzila and Zaharias Karounis, amongst many others. He has recorded with Martha Frintzila on an album entitled, "Martha Frintzila sings Themos Skandamis," which was released in 2011. He frequently performs throughout Greece and Cyprus with Hohlax, and is looking forward to their fifth tour of California this September. Being a talented song-writer himself, Orestis has presented and performed his own songs for noteworthy television and radio shows. Last winter he released his own personal CD, collaborating with acclaimed singers such as Martha Frintzila, Mario, Foteini Velessiotou and others. This CD, entitled "Me Plimirizei Fos," is currently being broadcast daily on radio stations throughout Greece.


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